Bolon is male Master/Dominant with his wife/slave Lafdi L Bolon who collectively are called the Bolons.  He brings over 30 years of experience into the mental aspects of D/s as a loving Dominant. This knowledge has been filtered through his training in theatre, sociology, military and teaching with influences from all he met. His philosophy is that there is no true or right style but there are ways that are more correct than others. D/s is a form between the partners and evolves as they do.  He has mentored and supported new and veteran couples.  He has presented at munches and meetings in Ontario. This is his first large workshop in Manitoba. 

D/s Essentials 

  There are many kinds of D/s - Gorean, Roman, Story of O and Beauty but this class will be looking at what a D/s couple needs to look at and decide in key areas to create their own version of D/s that will work for them. Those decisions set subtext for their connection. We will look at choices and subtext for roles, purposes, costuming, starting, poses, ending and other aspects in this class with questions, exercises and discussion. This class will not promote a specific style but will give some meaning behind protocols and D/s choices. D/s like kink is different for everyone so why shouldn't their D/s choices also support their needs?