Saturday, February 02, 2019 ·10:00 AM – 4:00 PM  

The Marlborough Hotel
9th floor 331 Smith St, Winnipeg, MB  

Cost: $35 for the day time classes with an option to attend the evening play party for an extra $20

Dress code: What ever you want as long as you don't scare the locals while going through the lobby.

Are you newer to all this fetish stuff. Have you been looking to learn some new skills. Have tried a type of play and are looking to get better? This is a day of presentations just for you.

So here's what we have planned for the classes!

 Fifty Shades Of Common Sense by TG and Griff
Informed consent, negotiation, and predators
A survival guide for bdsm and dating for Fetlife and the local scene
Consent violations are not always the result of underhanded actions of a sexual predator but due to a lack of lack of informed consent and poor negotiation skills. Fifty Shades of Common Sense will help you to learn ways to navigate between the good, bad, and ugly with potential suitors as well helping you to find and maintain satisfying bdsm relationships through strong negotiation skills, informed enthusiastic consent and what that really looks like.

Body Play "From the mild to Wild" By Syn and SeldomSeenWay
Do you have a limited amount of toys? Or no toys at all? No Worries!
This is a class on using your hands, feet, or your whole body to create a very satisfying bdsm scene without using any toys. Punches, kicks, holds, and take downs are the flavor of the day in this exciting class. You will learn the basics on technique as well as safety. Are you into primal play? You will want to check this one out!

Impact Play by Much Music Man
Floggers, Paddles, And Canes
Learn all the basics of impact play including basic safety, types of toys, how they are used, what they feel like and how to create different sensations.

Scene Dynamics by Syn and SeldomSeenWay
So you've learned all the basics like flogging, caning, bondage, and all the other cool things us BDSM folks do!
This class is about putting it all together and creating a magical dance combining pleasure and pain, sadism and sensuality resulting in a deeper more satisfying bdsm scene.
It will cover topics such as foreplay, creating the mood, how to create flow during a scene, different types of scenes, using all the senses, props. Most importantly how to create a stronger more intense connection with your partner.

There will be an optional evening play party with a bonus class. Admission will involve a separate ticket that's only $20.

Getting primal with anal pegging and fisting.
So do you ever think to yourself while enjoying your morning coffee "What's up with all the anal these days?
This is the class for you! The anus is about as close as you can get to your root and sacral chakras making anal sex one of the most primal ways to release sexual energy.
Join Griff and Tattoo Goddess as we cover the social stigma behind anal play, cleaning out, basic fisting and pegging techniques,lubes, equipment, and safety.
Lets not forget an incredible demo with Griff returning to the sling after a brief hiatus.
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