WSPC FETISH WEEKEND 2018 Sept 1-3 2018
This year we are excited to announce that we are looking at offering 20 different class on a variety of subjects including bdsm play,  power dynamics,  relationships, safety/ negotiation, bootblacking, and so much more!
We are planning not one but two play parties. The first one being a smaller intimate sex permissive play party on Saturday night at our space in the hotel. The second one is FANTASY one of the largest fetish play and dance parties in western Canada!
Our 2018 Presenters
Denver CO
Nanaimo BC
LADY UMBRA & prairie locked
Saskatoon SK
Bio & Classes
Bio & Classes
Bio & Classes
Winnipeg MB
​Winnipeg MB
 Kirsten Rainbow
Edmonton AB
Bio & Classes
Bio & Classes
Bio & Classes
Dr.Reece Malone
Winnipeg MB
​Winnipeg MB
Stay Tuned
Bio & Classes
Bio & Classes
Bio & Classes
The Parties
Our Saturday party at the hotel  will be the first of our two play parties.
This is a full on sex permissive play party geared towards serious players.  Here we can do all the fun stuff that we can not do at our bar events. Think fistings, soundings,  genetorture, blood play,  Griff's legendary fuck machine,  and yes maybe a happy ending or two! 
We will provide a evening snack and non-alcoholic beverages.
BECAUSE OF OUR LAWS IN MANITOBA THIS IS A DRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE EVENT AND ALSO CONSIDERED A PRIVATE EVENT.  There will be no entry to anyone with out a pre-purchased ticket or if you are seen as intoxicated in any way!

FANTASY The largest fetish event on the  prairies is our second party.  This is an open event and  will  happen Sunday night at Fame Night  Club.
It features a segregated play area called the Dungeon Lounge that even has it's own bar.
There will rope performances throughout the evening on the main stage.
We will also have the infamous Fantasy gogo dancers and a stage show  featuring  pro and semi pro entertainers.

There is nothing like playing and dancing in an upscale night club with 3 bars, 2 DJs, and 400 of your kinky friends!
Ticket and hotel Info​​​​


Planning events like this are expensive! Please help us out by buying your tickets early!
Full weekend pass $100
Classes only $85

You can get you tickets:
In person: At River City Ink & Steel 776 Corydon ave Winnipeg MB

Via Etransfer:  to Tattoo Goddess's email [email protected] Use the security code "WSPC" all in caps! Please include your contact info!!!

Register online now!


For those of you asking the classes are going to be held at The Marlborough Hotel.

It is a centrally located older hotel that is in walking distance to Fame. We have had events there before and they have been very accommodating with us.

Our main concern for this event was to find a place that we can hold fetish and sex positive themed classes free of judgement. Just so you all know this was not an easy task! We got turned down by two other hotels because they were worried about the church folk that go there. Exactly why promoting sex positive culture is so very important!

For those of you coming in from out of town we have secured a flat rate of $89 including a free breakfast. (tell them you are there for the WSPC Weekend.) The bonus is that this is "run of the house pricing" which means you can get any room in the hotel for the same price including suites!

Just be aware if you book to stay there this is an average rated older hotel with a great price. If you are looking for a place to sleep it's perfect. With that said there are other more upscale places to stay in the immediate vicinity if that's what you are looking for.