Griff: Griff has been involved in the public scene since 1999. He has been a principle organizer with two groups in Winnipeg that have produced major events featuring some of the biggest and most respected names in the Kinky community in North America. He has also hosted and taught dozens of smaller presentations and workshops internationally. These include BDSM on a budget, needle play, takedown and interrogation, percussion play, scene dynamics and scene planning to name a few.

 Tattoo Goddess or TG has been involved in the public scene since 2006, and is a Level II Usui Reiki practitioner, and a Body Modification artist (body piercing is her specialty) and is the owner and proprietor of River City Ink and Steel tattoos and piercing in Winnipeg, Canada. She actively incorporates her talents as an Empath and energy worker into body based ritual through BDSM.

Together as a couple since 2010, Griff and TG have worked to facilitate the spirituality component of BDSM with workshops and classes featuring needle play, energy play, scene dynamics and fire walking to name a few. We enjoy living a sex positive life and are active in our local scene; we love to travel and meet other like minded folks and have had the honor of presenting in Canada, at Fetfest in Maryland, Paradise Unbound in Seattle, and in Maui for Leather and Leis.
Some of our featured classes and presentations
Working with a low budget? Have a willing plaything and no toy bag? Then this is the class for you!
This is a class that will help teach you how to pervert just about any common household item into some of the most evil playthings. Play stump the presenter with your most benign items!
See examples of some simple toys that have been made with dollarstore and thrift shop items. You'll even get a chance to meet the original "Evil Bastard" that with the help of the very talented Toymaker(RIP) has become the rage of Maui in it's most recent incarnation "Wicked Bitch".
Then you will get to see the $20 toybag that will make your next trip to the dollarstore an adventure in kinky shopping.
The class ends with a sharing circle with the attendees providing examples of kinky pervertables that they have used.
We've all had those moments of walking into a room and being able to taste, smell and feel the energy that is present-that electricity that is palpable in the air that peeks our curiosity and draws us in. How does that happen? How can people-be it couples, friends and even strangers-share energy? How do we harness our energy and share it willingly with another person?
Whether you are a novice or experienced in the BDSM realm, adding energy play into your scene will deepen your connection and add intensity to your scene within your D/s or M/s dynamic.
Our energy play workshop will be a “hands on” experience. We will demonstrate and share several techniques that will enable you to heighten your sexual and scene experience.
Right up there with spiders and snakes getting a needle is at the top of the list when it comes to the most common fears.
Turn that fear into an erotic S&M ritual that will leave you and your partner craving to explore more advanced techniques.
This class will cover everything from safety and cleanliness, basic insertions, techniques, and do's and don'ts. Then moving to the next step with a couple of demonstrations of some intermediate play such as threading and basic needle corsets.
As with all Griff's classes it will end with a Q&A and participants are encouraged to participate.
So you've learned all the basics like flogging, caning, bondage, and all the other cool things us BDSM folks do!
This intermediate class that is about putting it all together and creating a magical dance combining pleasure and pain, sadism and sensuality resulting in a deeper more satisfying bdsm scene.
It will cover topics such as foreplay, creating the mood, how to create flow during a scene, different types of scenes, using all the senses, props. Most importantly how to create a stronger more intense connection with your partner.
Informed consent, negotiation, and predators
A survival guide for bdsm and dating
Consent violations are not always the result of underhanded actions of a sexual predator but due to a lack of lack of informed consent and poor negotiation skills. Fifty Shades of Common Sense will help you to learn ways to navigate between the good, bad, ugly with potential suitors as well helping you to find and maintain satisfying bdsm relationships through strong negotiation skills and informed consent.
Getting primal with anal pegging and fisting.
So do you ever think to yourself while enjoying your morning coffee "What's up with all the anal these days?
This is the class for you! The anus is about as close as you can get to your root and sacral chakras making anal sex one of the most primal ways to release sexual energy.
Join Griff and Tattoo Goddess as we cover the social stigma behind anal play, cleaning out, basic fisting and pegging techniques,lubes, equipment, and safety.
Of course there will be an awesome demo where we GO BIG OR GO HOME!
Flesh Hook Suspensions
and Hook pulls
Interested in a custom class or weekend intensive? 
Fire is one of the base elements in nature, along with earth, air and water. The word fire conjures up feelings and images for most people. For many it brings on very strong emotions from intense respect to intense fear. Fire is a very powerful element. Fire creates. Fire destroys. Fire brings warmth. Fire shows us the way in the dark. Fire is alive-it needs fuel to survive.
Walking on fire has existed for thousands of years within many indigenous cultures from Greece, China, Japan and Taiwan to Aboriginal cultures in North and South America. Walking the flames is considered a rite of passage within most groups, a way to test mind over matter, a way to heal oneself by essentially leaving behind what the individual wishes to rid themselves of in the fire, and symbolically walking away from it to create a new, more positive change. When you fire walk, you empty yourself of negativity. Watch it go up in flames; and fill yourself up with new energy and ideas and walk towards it. Just as fire creates new life by giving nutrients to the soil, let the fire nourish your soul.
Your viewpoint and perception of reality changes after you watch and participate in the ritual of a fire walk. It creates a unification of mind, body and spirit. Once you walk across fire, you find out just how strong your determination to assert mind over body can be, because in reality, the only thing truly stopping us from achieving our dreams and aspirations is our own individual mindset.
Focus on your intent. Take a deep breath. Walk the fire. Be the change you need.
​Are you or your group interested in have us facilitate a hook or energy pull or flesh hook suspension?
Please contact us for details. 
We can present on a number of different subjects from mild to wild. Please contact us with your ideas and we will see what we can do.