H3rself is a local science nerd and kinkster. In addition to probing the deepest natures of reality with her science work, she's spent many years exploring and documenting the psychology of transitioning genders and journeying through the worlds of kink. 
After many years of teaching what she's learned from these worlds in smaller settings, it’s clear that this knowledge isn’t limited to being beneficial in the niche’s from which they were born but play fundamental parts in human nature. Unfortunately, or fortunately, science hasn’t had the proper ability or resources to explore these worlds so most of these lessons aren’t nicely outlined in textbooks like she’d like. 
As a kinkster, H3rself enjoys many of the fruits of the kink tree, loves learning and meeting new people. 
PS: Incase it’s not obvious, she really loves books. That’s a quick way to become best friends!

Boxes and Their Labels

This is a new class designed specifically for the WSPC and their initiative to educate beyond kink and into the greater world of sex and health. Fortunate guinea pigs coming this experience can look forward to an interactive discussion on “the elusive self” led by H3rself.
Who are you? Why do you like what you like? We feel we know ourselves pretty well, but that voice in your head.. it’s not really you and you don’t need to listen to it. That voice is not necessarily right about who you are, nor does it necessarily have your best interests in mind.
One could say we are our choices, our memories, or even our stories? But it turns out we’re very often blind to our choices, memories can be false, and our stories can be deceiving and ad hoc.
In this class we’ll be talking about these voices in our head and the deceptions our mind plays on us. Whether you choose to simply listen and absorb the lessons, or to participate and explore your sense of self, everyone should leave with new a new framework and tools to understand themselves and others in both their kinky and vanilla lives.