Issac Cross 

Isaac Cross is a teacher, presenter, and alt-sex theorist from Denver, Colorado. With a background in psychology, Cross has focused his study and education on philosophical and psychological aspects of BDSM, but also teaches various practical skills and techniques in both structured and casual settings.
Cross has previously presented at events and venues across North America and Europe, including workshops in 16 U.S. states, Canada, Iceland, and Italy. He has also served as the Director of Educational Programming for the Denver Sanctuary, Dungeon Monitor Coordinator for Beyond Leather, and Executive Director for the Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles.

What You Forgot To Negotiate

“Wanna spank me?” is enough of a negotiation for some situations, but other times, you need to spend a lot more time discussing what will and won’t happen. In this class, we will cover everything you might have forgotten to talk about in your last negotiation, as well as strategies for figuring out what you should remember to ask next time so that everyone can have the best experience possible.

Cookies and Cattle Prods

Training and Conditioning” will explain one approach to the training of a submissive partner. This will include identifying the proclivities and traits in a sub that may guide them toward a particular type of service and how to foster and encourage their personal growth through training.

Brain Play – The Joy and Dangers of the Mind Fuck

For the purpose of this class, “Mind Fuck” is defined as the creation of a false perception of reality in order to stimulate particular emotions. In other words, this class is about how to effective deceive a bottom in order to heighten the experience of a scene. This class will cover techniques, methodology, and motivations for psychological manipulation of a bottom. This class may be intense at times and those who are sensitive to extreme material may want to sit this one out.

The Subtle Art of Predicaments

Will help players to understand and practice the art of crafting and executing predicaments, defined as placing the bottom in a situation where a choice between conflicting desires. Various techniques will be used to inspire your own creative process of designing and implementing this devious form of psychological play.