Kirsten Rainbow 

Kirsten Rainbow is the current Western Canadian Bootblack, and has beein in the Kink and Leather community for the past 5 years, 4 of which as a bootblack. Kirsten's pronouns are She/Her and They/Them. Kirsten has been able to present at Westcoast Bound, and several classes in Edmonton. She is a giant nerd, and enjoys talking about science, kink, and especially Boots and Leather.
She's actively working towards bringing more awareness to and finding space for our wonderful Bootblacks in Western Canada, and will gladly discuss it (and leather) for hours on end.

Introduction to Leather Care

Do you have leather? Leather Boots, pants, harnesses,... and even toys? Do you want to know how to care for them so either you can ensure their longevity, or make sure who is caring for them knows what the correct products and care processes are? Then this is the class for you. We'll go over the different types of leather there are, what products to use, and more importantly, what products to avoid, and finally the basic process to care for both oil tan/garment leathers and high shine leathers.
Please feel free to bring your own products/leather items to the class.

So you want to Bootblack...

This isn't a how to polish or condition course. There are so many resources that can teach you those aspects, especially a military spit-shine. This is about how to do so with the person in your chair.
We will be going over:
-Set up: including discussion with the host, chairs, and the process of setting up your chair for your bootblacking intentions.
-Negotiation: covering the various types and instances where you may use any or all of them.
-‎Style and flair: the ways in which you can put your own twist on the physical and technical aspects of bootblacking. And ultimately cause pants feelings should you desire.