Lady Umbra and her slave prairie locked 

As recipients of the 2018 International Power Exchange title and the 2017 Western Canada Power Exchange title, Lady Umbra and her slave, prairie_locked, are thrilled to have the opportunity to travel around Canada and United States sharing aspects of their own power exchange dynamic through educational workshops and demonstrations with the greater community. Lady Umbra and prairie_locked met through their shared love of bootblacking. From that first scene polishing each other's boots, an adventure began as they discovered aspects of themselves while their power exchange relationship grew and deepened. Lady Umbra formally collared her slave in June 2016, and together they live a spiritual 24/7 Master/slave Owner/property long distance relationship based on consensual non-consent. Lady Umbra and her slave like to describe themselves in their relationship not as a Queen and her knight, but rather as a Queen and her court jester! Lady Umbra rules with a strict yet compassionate demeanour. And he devotes his life to her service with a humorous flair. They espouse building an equitable relationship while maintaining the inequality in their roles through shared energy in the dungeon along with structured use of protocols, rituals, and service.

Mindfulness in Power Exchange Relationships: Building equity while maintaining the inequality.

What if you could use mindfulness techniques to build the equity in your power exchange relationship while at the same time maintain the inequality in your respective roles? Lady Umbra and her slave, prairie_locked, will discuss mindfulness in a power exchange with the intention of leading participants to newfound awareness with their roles and helping them discover ways to enrich their relationships. As part of the workshop, Lady Umbra and prairie_locked will share examples of mindfulness techniques that have successfully been integrated into their own power exchange by the use of their protocols, rituals, and service. The workshop will also include opportunities for group participation using some mindfulness techniques and some discussion.

Artistic Needles

Presented by Lady Umbra (and assisted by her slave)
Lady Umbra is passionate about pain and beauty. And she loves to use needles to mix the two! In this class, Lady Umbra will expand the repertoire of techniques for those already familiar with needles by demonstrating some wonderful ways that you as the Top can create needle art on your bottom. She will begin with a quick review of the basics including cleanliness, safety, and aftercare, followed by a demonstration of elegant and erotic designs, as well as festive ones for the holiday seasons, before ending with some functional art: as in using artistic needles for torture! If time permits, attendees will have the chance to experience the sensation of being pierced themselves or the opportunity to pierce Lady Umbra's slave.