I am passionate about orgasms, consent and authentic honest communication. I love learning and teaching. I have a big open heart, and love creating safe space for others to be who they are comfortably. I have a variety of trainings in coaching, mediation, and am currently finishing my B.A. in Conflict Resolution. I am a trained Sexual Health Facilitator. I've organized and facilitated numerous successful events in the city including but not limited to 'Erotic Art & Literature', 'Sex is Fun games night', as well as various other monthly sacred sexuality events. Some workshops you may have taken with me include: 'Consent & Cuddle', 'Practicing NO', 'Roadmap to Pleasure', and 'Releasing your inner Lion(ess).' I ran a Passion Parties business for many years selling adult toys and take in workshops as often as I can in the field of Tantra and BDSM.
In addition to teaching, I am the organizer of Living Arts, a sex positive, body positive live body painting exhibition. You may have seen me on stage rocking the persona of Moonstone Lovely, one of my kinky pleasures, or in the community supporting other sex positive events.
 Road Map of Pleasure

How good are you at communicating your pleasure map?  Do you know you have one?

Maybe you haven’t really explored or put too much thought to what exactly sets you off sensually and sexually.  I know you have body parts that talk to you. They say “Lick me, kiss me, spank me, hold, bite… But are you able to articulate just that to a partner?  How about yourself? Do you know what you like?

The best lover is one who knows what they want and like and is able to communicate it.  You may be partners with someone who is a mind reader or has that magic touch to make you explode with orgasms without your help, (Woot! Woot!) but the point of this exercise is for you to know what you like and be empowered with that knowledge and sometimes skill ;).  Everyone has their favorite pleasure zones and activities… This introspective class will help you explore your own mysteries and put to paper in an artistic unravelling of your anatomy, using word and thought. 

Templates and some basic design tools will be available to personalize your Roadmap.
Workshop is mixed with lecture and activities, as well as time to be alone in personal reflection. 


Exchanging Judgement & Shame for Empowerment & Flame

Living a non-normative lifestyle can be isolating. Fear of judgment and living with shame are two factors for why many kinky people live their lives secretly and sometimes not at all. Where does the judgement & shame stem from? Society, parental influence, abuse, religion, etc...? How does one move from a place of fear and contraction to a place of release and empowerment? What would it look like to be true to yourself, to your values, to live authentically and explore your kinky passions more freely?
In this introspective work shop we will look at how we can move beyond judgement and shame, into an empowered celebrated space full of passion and excitement. One key for sure is community, so we will create a safe inclusive space for all who desire this shift to share and commune together. Workshop will include introspective exercises, and teach some mindfulness practices for releasing. We will touch on boundaries and consent, play a fun game titled Name Your Kink, and then close with a celebration circle.