Dr.Reece Malone 

Dr. Reece Malone is a Winnipeg-based sexologist, sex therapist and sexuality educator. He is the CEO of Sexuality Consultants and Support Services Manitoba Inc. and its subsidiary training company, Diversity Essentials. Dr. Reece provides therapy, counselling and coaching to individuals and diverse relationships on a number of matters including being kinky in a vanilla world, understanding fetishes, exploring curiosities, enthusiastic consent and releasing shame and guilt. As an advocate for sexual health and wellness he has authored several public health resources and has provided training and consultancy to organizations and businesses both locally and internationally. www.reecemalone.com / www.diversityessentials.com

“Can we talk?”: Skills for Difficult Discussions that Heighten Intimate Relationships

Research indicates that when we are emotionally provoked or are facing a confrontation, our body can enter into the “fight or flight” response. We may react in number of ways including emotionally withdrawing, becoming defensive, or do or say about anything to exit the space as quickly as possible. We may even notice that it may take a bit longer to recover and reconnect with the person whom we love and adore.

This session is appropriate regardless whether you are single, in a monogamous or poly relationship configuration. In this session participants will learn the different patterns of how we reaction and learn the practical how to’s of conflict that heighten relationships including entering into difficult conversations, language to avoid, staying in the moment, and rekindling connection with aftercare.

Bring a pen and notebook because this session is sure to pack lots of information and practical tips.