Team Soup 

Polar and nephesh are known for a play style and workshops that lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, bare-handed impact, whips and blood play to name a few. They strive to bring humor, sexuality and passion into their brutality.

Polar and nephesh are active in the local kink community of Vancouver Island and have offered workshops throughout Canada and the US. They love the opportunity to meet and learn from other perverts.

Blood Punching: Let’s make a bitch bleed!

Sometimes it's hard to decide between a rough body scene or a blood play scene. But why not combine them into a powerful new type of play? The journey will start with some knife play, a few cuts and then a variety of rough body play that's guaranteed to get the blood flowing.
This will be a primal, aggressive journey and is not for the weak-stomached.

Having fun fucking up bodies! or Why so serious!?

Beat or get beaten that is question…right? Sadomasochism is a beautiful multi spectrum way of expressing desires. From bare handed over the knee spanking to whips to floggers and then some really messed up and insanely fun stuff. Boring and lifeless play…who the hell has time for that! Let’s put on the ol’ thinking toque and explore making S/m fun again. Explore how energy, imagination and sometimes downright goofiness can lead to some of the best scenes.

Practical Safety in Impractical Times

Ah the internets, a series of tubes connecting kinksters from around the globe. Allowing us to share information and exchange ideas like never before and at lightning speed.
In this age of heightened awareness of safety, misguided ideas can spread like wildfire in a tinder dry forest. Join in on this discussion on actual practical safety and develop a strong foundation in the subject.

Power Imbalanced Relationships

What makes your heart happy and your bits tingle?
Power imbalanced relationships… not another class on M/s or D/s dynamics….UGH? Do you find yourself comparing your power dynamic to others in the scene and feeling like yours looks way different! There are as many styles of power imbalanced relationships as there are people in them. A relationship should meet the needs of the people in it and make their hearts happy and their needs fulfilled. This workshop aims to provide some ideas and concepts to your journey as you craft the power imbalanced relationship of your dreams.